Competitive Gymnastics

Coastal Gymnastics Center offers two different competitive programs:

XCEL Program:

* The XCEL program is an alternative to traditional JO competition program. It allows athletes the time and flexibility to be involved in other sports and activities. The XCEL program requires less time in the gym and is designed for gymnasts who find the sport a little later on.

*XCEL is composed of 3 levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Gymnasts are able to create routines that play to their strengths and abilities.

*XCEL participates in 3 meets a year plus district championships.

Junior Olympic (JO) Program:

*The JO program requires athletes to make a serious time commitment to the sport of gymnastics. It focuses on the fundamentals of gymnastics while building strength and flexibility. At Coastal Gymnastics we follow a strict age guidelines as well as practice hour guidelines.

*Pre- Team– Our Pre- Team program is the first step in our competitive gymnastics program. It’s goal is to develop the athlete’s basic skills to prepare them for competition.

*Compulsory Levels 2-5– Compulsory gymnastics is a developmental program used to teach young gymnasts basic skill and familiarize them with the competition atmosphere.  Each level is progressive in nature and builds on the skills mastered in the previous level. Compulsory gymnasts will compete in local meets as well as state championships at the end of each season.

*Optional Levels 6-10– Optional gymnastics is where gymnasts begin to choose their own routines and skills to compete. Each level is progressive in difficulty requirements. Optional gymnasts will be give the opportunity to travel for competitions as well as compete in state, regional and national competitions.

*Please Note: All competitive levels are by invitation only. If  interested in joining the competition team please contact coach Carrie for an evaluation at